Demonstration Server Keys

Demonstration Server Keys

The public keys used by the demonstration authentication service at are available here. These are available in the same two formats as are provided for the main Raven service. In addition, a copy of the private key used by the demonstration service is also available. Beware that browsers may add .txt or similar to filenames when downloading them.

Note that you should never include these demo keys amongst those being used by an AA that provides authentication which you trust. If you do, anyone in the world could obtain an authentication response message from the demonstration service and then replay it successfully against your production server. You are strongly advised to keep these demonstration keys in an entirely separate location from keys used by 'real' applications.

The demonstration server is currently (July 2005) using key 901 to sign responses, so you need to download and install pubkey901 and/or pubkey901.crt as appropriate.

For what it's worth, the MD5 checksums of the current demonstration server key files are:

d947ec159871db39af1bc49b50c59d65  pubkey901
f2646cec280b7ae8fd111f5631b3936d  pubkey901.crt

though of course this page could be forged or have been tampered with ...

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