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Credentials dialogue box

See help on Raven accounts if the password you are using isn't working, or if you don't have a Raven account but need one.

Raven uses the standard CRSids to identify people that are used by UIS systems and by some other systems in Cambridge. These consist of your initials followed by a number. E.g. fjc55. You will have been told what your user-id is if you have ever been registered for a UIS system. You user-id is not the same thing as your e-mail address.
To login to Raven you normally use your UIS password which is common across all of Raven, Hermes, and Desktop Services/MCS. However accounts created before 18th February 2014 had their own distinct password.
Passwords used by Raven are case-sensitive so take care to enter them in the correct mixture of upper- and lower-case letters. You will have received an initial UIS (or Raven) password when your Raven account was first created, probably when you first arrived at the University, though you will have been encouraged to change it to something more memorable. See help on Raven accounts for what to do if you don't know what password to use or the one you are using doesn't work.
Override login options
Ticking this box will let you override your normal choice for how Raven remembers you for the session - for example you might occasionally want Raven not to remember you at all if you were logging in from a location that you didn't trust. Your normal choice of options can be set on the from the Account Management Page which can be accessed from the Raven front page.
Once you have provided the necessary information, and assuming that you are happy to be identified to the web site that is requesting you identity, then select the Login button to continue
If you can't provide the necessary information, for example if you don't know your password, or if you don't want to be identified to the web site that is requesting your identity then select the Cancel button.